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🧸 After a busy morning, we were happy to welcome a very special guest to meet and greet pupils👏 Thank you to all our parents and carers for supporting us last week with Children in Need and for donating over £300 for an amazing charity 👏 pic.twitter.com/FLQVC7cwMf

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⚽️ Our pupils took part in a pentalty shootout with 🥅 It's safe to say that he took a thrashing at 400 - 0! for pic.twitter.com/JU4FZnTi2w


⚽️No doubt about it - the pupils at Freshwaters Primary Academy in Harlow are definitely winning this penalty shootout! BBC Essex’s is facing at least 400 penalty kicks for 👏£275 raised so far!👏https://t.co/X7HNgCyXh1 pic.twitter.com/giSXNVAYRW

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Good luck Rob! ⚽️Our very own is facing at least 400 penalty kicks from pupils at Freshwaters Primary Academy in Harlow, all for Children in Need - and they’ve raised £275 so far! https://t.co/xiKO8Eye5f pic.twitter.com/r8QQi2MBJy

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🌹 Our school council attended a service at the Civic Centre, where they laid wreaths alongside war veterans and joined in with the two-minute silence. 🪖 pic.twitter.com/F5hZat8t7u

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⭐️ A special day at as children were joined by their Headteacher, BMAT ACEO, and Parent & Staff Governors for a National School Meals Week/ Roast Dinner Day lunch 😋🍽️🙌 The hardworking and committed catering team were presented with a poem pic.twitter.com/c4ezVqYoB9

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👪 Parents of our nursery cohort were invited to come along and enjoy some time playing with their children in their classroom.🎆 They got a chance to share a story with their child and make firework displays with plenty of glitter. pic.twitter.com/IjbGKWpAda

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It was great to meet so many prospective students and families at our open events.If you were unable to attend, or would like to find out more, please book a school tour by contacting the office.Email: boadj.org.ukPhone: 01279 454688 pic.twitter.com/lRR9ktWaFQ

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🪄🪩 Reception pupils enjoyed their magical ball in celebration of the end of our Twisted Fairytale theme this half term. pic.twitter.com/rUcUjSEmtr

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🦸 We celebrated World Mental Health Super Hero Day, where children and staff came into school wearing vibrant colours with the idea of brightening everyone’s day. pic.twitter.com/O3G1AjPthI

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TOMORROW!Open Afternoon from 1:30pm - 2:00pmWe're looking forward to welcoming prospective families to view our school pic.twitter.com/J5otoHA8Sk

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Thank you to all parents who attended our Open Morning. We look forward to welcoming more prospective families to view our school on Tuesday 17th October.The event will run from 1:30pm - 2:00pm pic.twitter.com/2yJtLRYxQP

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🌟 Our star pupils have been chosen for being considerate, respectful and kind. 🤝 They look out for others and show empathy and kindness towards everyone around them. 🎉 Well done, you are a credit to our school. pic.twitter.com/E3KSujHLJw

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TOMORROW!Open Morning from 9:30am - 10:15amWe're looking forward to welcoming prospective families to view our school. pic.twitter.com/onD9jOw9ZF

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📨 After receiving over 80 written applications, we are happy to welcome our new sports leaders!⚽️ This team will have the opportunity to organise and play a variety of sports activities with children at lunchtime as well as supporting staff members pic.twitter.com/EvbtJBcFmw

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OPEN MORNINGWe're looking forward to welcoming prospective families to view our school on Thursday 12th October. The event runs from 9:30am - 10:15am pic.twitter.com/n62eZOuc2r

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⚽️ Well done to both of our futsal teams who played some great football and demonstrated some amazing team work throughout! pic.twitter.com/XlGQUTWa4S

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🎭 Pupils enjoyed a magical performance of Alice in Wonderland performed by 🗳️ A huge thank you to our school council and our PTA, who raised money to allow this performance to happen for our children. pic.twitter.com/qxCZBlVFMC

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OPEN EVENT ANNOUNCED FOR SIR FREDERICK GIBBERD COLLEGE SEPTEMBER 2024 YEAR 7 INTAKE Saturday 14th October (12pm - 2pm) at Latton Bush Centre, Harlow.Full information on: https://t.co/gDP8HGUXAB pic.twitter.com/3mytmoENzk


📢 We're Hiring! (Harlow) have a vacancy for a SEND Co-Educator📄 For a job description and application details, please visit our websitehttps://t.co/dcXj88APm4

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Supporting primary and secondary schools across Essex and North & East London, BMAT is a growing multi-academy trust with a singular vision: schools, teachers and pupils freed to succeed.

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Freshwaters Primary Academy offers a curriculum which is broad and balanced and which promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society. Our curriculum prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life in the 21st century. Our curriculum comprises all learning and other experiences that we plan for our pupils. The national curriculum forms one part of the school curriculum. In addition to the national curriculum, we make provision for a daily act of collective worship and teach religious education, personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) and sex and relationships education (SRE) to pupils at every key stage.

At Freshwaters, we follow the statutory national curriculum which sets out in programmes of study, on the basis of key stages, subject content for those subjects that are taught to all pupils.

Numeracy and Mathematics

At Freshwaters, we use every relevant subject to develop pupils’ mathematical fluency. Pupils are taught to apply arithmetic fluently to problems, understand and use measures, make estimates and check that their work makes sense. Pupils apply their geometric and algebraic understanding and are also taught the cycle of collecting, presenting and analysing data. They are taught to apply their mathematics to problems, including breaking down more complex problems into a series of simpler steps.

Language and Literacy

We develop pupils’ spoken language, reading, writing and vocabulary as integral aspects of the teaching of every subject. English is both a subject in its own right and the medium for teaching; for pupils, understanding the language provides access to the whole curriculum. Fluency in the English language is an essential foundation for success in all subjects.

Speaking and Listening

Pupils are taught to speak clearly and convey ideas confidently using Standard English. They learn to justify ideas with reasons; ask questions to check understanding; develop vocabulary and build knowledge; negotiate; evaluate and build on the ideas of others; and select the appropriate register for effective communication.

Reading and Writing

Pupils are taught to read fluently, understand extended prose and are encouraged to read for pleasure. Classrooms are well stocked with fiction, non-fiction and poetry books; and we set ambitious expectations for reading at home. Pupils develop the stamina and skills to write at length, with accurate spelling and punctuation. They are taught the correct use of grammar. The writing they do includes narratives, explanations, descriptions, comparisons, summaries and evaluations: such writing supports them in rehearsing, understanding and consolidating what they have heard or read. At Freshwaters, we follow the Ruth Miskin Read, Write, Inc. programme (Oxford University Press).


Our aim is to ensure that all pupils:

  • develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics
  • develop understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science through different types of science enquiries that help them to answer scientific questions about the world around them
  • are equipped with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future.

Scientific enquiry includes: observing over time; pattern seeking; identifying, classifying and grouping; comparative and fair testing (controlled investigations); and researching using secondary sources. Pupils seek answers to questions through collecting, analysing and presenting data.

Curriculum details for Foundation subjects can found here.

Time devoted to subject areas

Literacy and mathematics are taught daily and PE is taught for at least two hours weekly. Other curriculum areas may be taught weekly, on special curriculum days or weeks and some subjects, such as languages are taught in bite-size snippets of perhaps five minutes per day. Teachers and Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs) plan for what is most effective for our pupils.

Homework Policy

All pupils are encouraged to complete homework tasks, although these will vary in complexity according to the age of your child. Homework includes reading, practising writing and maths skills as well as projects which may be carried out over a longer period of time. Please see our Homework Policy for more detailed guidance.


At Freshwaters, we set high expectations for every pupil. We plan challenging work for pupils whose attainment is significantly above the expected standard. We carefully plan lessons for pupils who have low levels of prior attainment or come from disadvantaged backgrounds. We use a range of assessments to set targets which are deliberately ambitious.

All pupils are valued and are entitled to equality of educational opportunity. We take account of our duties under equal opportunities legislation that covers race, disability, sex, religion or belief, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, and gender reassignment.

We work with families and specialists to identify pupils who may have special educational needs, some of whom also have disabilities. Lessons are planned to ensure that there are no barriers to every pupil achieving. The SEN Code of Practice includes advice on approaches to identification of need and outlines what needs to be done for them.

With the right teaching that recognises their individual needs, many disabled pupils may have little need for additional resources beyond the aids which they use as part of their daily life. We plan lessons so that these pupils can study every national curriculum subject.

We take account of the needs of pupils whose first language is not English. Monitoring of progress takes account of the pupil’s age, length of time in this country, previous educational experience and ability in other languages.

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