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Gruffalos & Billy Goats Classes

Our Learning This Term 

This term our topic will be ‘Letters and Postcards’ and we are focussing on the book, ‘The Jolly Postman’. Please see the Reception tab of our website for more information. 

Within our topic we will be covering the 7 areas of the Early Years Curriculum as outlined below. 

Prime Areas: these underpin development in all areas. 

Personal, Social and Emotional 

This includes: Making relationships, Self-confidence and self-awareness, managing feelings and behaviour. 

This half term we will continue to follow the school rules and routines. There will be opportunities for children to share their key interests, likes and dislikes, to understand that everyone is unique and special, to discuss our families. We will be paying particular focus to our ‘Zones of Regulation’, to explore and discuss different emotions. 

Physical Development 

This includes: Moving and handling, health and self-care. 

We will be learning to move confidently in a variety of different ways and taking part in a variety of games and activities involving negotiating space and following rules. We will encourage children to practise their fine motor skills using finger gym activities. 

Communication and Language 

This includes: Listening and attention, understanding and speaking. 

Children will be listening to a variety of topic related stories and have opportunities to contribute to class discussions. Our focus story will be the Jolly Postman, and as part of this we will also be looking at traditional tales. 

Specific areas: these are essential skills and knowledge for children to participate successfully in society. 


This includes: Reading, and writing (phonics is included alongside both these areas). 

Our children will be continuing with whole class reading alongside their phonics sessions. We will be introducing phase 3 phonics and focussing on writing cards and letters. It will be important that children continue to learn the high frequency words we have sent home, so can develop confidence. They may even write a card or letter to you! Children will also be learning to write their names. 


Includes: Number and shape, space and measure. 

We will be focussing on our number skills, including recognising and ordering numbers, counting accurately and matching number and quantity. Children will be counting to 10 with confidence and learning about 2D shapes.


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