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Year 1

Rainbow Fish & Elmer Classes

Curriculum for SPRING TERM 1

Welcome to Year One!

Spring 1:



Children are introduced to traditional tales, as we read and focus on Little Red Riding Hood. Children use role-play and story sequencing to get to know the story. Children describe Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf using adjectives. This terms focus is letter writing. Children are exposed to the layout of a formal letter and the purpose of letter writing. Children will write a letter as the Wolf to Little Red Riding Hood, apologising for eating her and Grandma and asking for forgiveness.



Children will continue learning the phonemes and graphemes from phase 5 of Letters and Sounds phonics programme, and will continue to read and write tricky and high-frequency words from phase 3, 4 and 5. Guided reading will also continue on a daily basis using Collins Cat phonics books. Children are encouraged to use Collins ebooks and teach your monster to read to practice reading at home.



In Spring, children extend their current understanding of numbers and extend this to numbers within 20. Children learn to read and write numbers 0-20 and count forwards and backwards from any given number within 20. They also learn to add and subtract numbers within 20 using tens frames, part-whole models and bar models.



This half term, children learn about the human body. Children label body parts, bones and investigate the purpose of our senses. They also look at healthy eating and identify a balanced diet.



In Spring 1, children learn about British Values. They are introduced to the meaning of each British value and write about why each one is important and relevant to everyone in society.



Children learn about Mani Cooper and the fantastic achievements she has made in the Olympics and why she is an important person in society.



Children identify the different countries in the UK using a map. Children also locate important buildings around the UK.



Children will have 2 hours of PE per week. Week 1 is on Tuesday Week 2 is on Wednesday.

Children must have a full PE kit in school at all times. If kits are taking home after clubs, they must be returned the next day. Children who do not have the appropriate full kit in school are unable to take part in PE, which is an important part of the curriculum. Please ensure all items, including footwear are clearly labelled. This includes A plain (with or without the Freshwaters logo) white T-shirt, Navy blue shorts, A navy blue tracksuit (to include a jumper and bottoms). Please ensure that your child also has a pair of trainers for outdoor PE 

Earring are prohibited during PE, please ensure that earring are removed before coming to school.


Home Learning

Homework will be given to the children every Friday. Homework is due to be completed and handed in the following Wednesday. Children need encouragement and support to complete their homework at this age. Please ensure that you are encouraging your children. Spellings will be given out every Friday, they are to be kept at home, reviewed daily to be prepared for the test the following Friday. Children should be encouraged to read daily and at least once every other day with an adult. Reading for just 10-15 minutes per day will have a huge impact on the children’s fluency.

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