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Year 2

Anansi Spiders & Huckleberry Finns Classes

Curriculum for SPRING Term 1

This half term we will be exploring Traditional Tales.

As Readers

Our English text will be the book ‘Baba Yaga’ by Tony Bradman and Nikki Gamble. During our guided reading sessions, we will be reading traditional tales to become familiar with the book and we will be picking out new vocabulary, working on inference, predicting what may happen next and why, explaining what is happening and sequencing the events. Year 2 will visit Harlow library; the children will have the opportunity use their library card to borrow books. (if your child does not have a library card, please visit your local library and complete the relevant forms to gain membership).

Key Vocabulary: Resolution, conflict, plot, curse, wicked, character, adventure, hero, weak, forest, tower, enemy, climax, enchantment, myth, heroine, story, villain, brave, beautiful, spell, dragon, magic, beast, prince, king, once upon a time…, good, evil, fairy tale, happily ever after…, folktale and setting.

Key Language: Vocabulary, inference, predict, explain, first, second, third, finally, then, sequence and retrieve.

As Writers

We are going to be writing a poem and our own traditional tale.

Key Vocabulary: Adjectives, similes, expanded noun phrases, nouns, verbs. Time connectives, conjunctions.

As Mathematicians

We will continue to deepen our knowledge of addition and subtraction. We will learn about measurement and money and multiplication and division.

Key Vocabulary: Add, more, plus, make, sum, total, altogether, inverse double, half, equals, is the same as. Difference between, how many more to make? how much more is? Subtract, take away, minus, how many fewer is…than? how much less is? Odd, even, count in twos, threes, fives, count in tens (forwards from/backwards from), How many times? lots of, groups of, once, twice, three times, five times, multiple of, times, multiply by, repeated addition, array, row, column, double, halve, share, share equally, group in pairs, threes, etc., equal groups of, divide, divided by, left, left over.

As Explorers

In History we will be learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’. In Religious education we will be learning about ‘places that are special to us’ and ‘places of worship’.

Key Vocabulary: 
History:Year, century, Britain, London, capital city, past, present, old, modern, change, River Thames, Range of 17th century jobs. Order, event, timeline. Source, evidence, diary, eyewitness, Samuel Pepys. King Charles II, architect, Lord Mayor, Sir Christopher Wren, St Pauls Cathedral, Monument. Newspaper report, The London Gazette.

R.E: Peaceful, joyful, quiet, holy, togetherness, beautiful, special, busy, welcoming, happy, quiet. Muslim, Islam, Mosque, ablutions area, dome, minaret, imam, Qur’an, prayer hall, musallah, prayer mat, Mecca, Allah, qiblah wall, mihrab, tasbih beads. Sikh, Sikhism, Gurdwara, Guru Granth Sahib, langar, Nishan Sahib, Khanda, Darbar Sahib, Chaur. Buddha, Buddhist temple, enlightenment, spire, dome, pinnacle, crescent, square base, pagoda, stupa. Buddha. Buddhist temple, enlightenment, mantra, lotus flower, mala beads, prayer wheel, incense, the three Jewels, monk, nun, meditation.


Children will have 1 hour of PE per week on Wednesday. Children must have a full PE kit in school at all times. If the children take their kit home for clubs, it must be returned the next day. Children who do not have the appropriate full kit in school are unable to take part in PE, which is an important part of the curriculum. Also, this term children will have 1 hour of swimming on Thursdays. They will need their kit for swimming on that day. Please ensure all items, including footwear are labelled. This includes: A plain (with or without the Freshwaters logo) white Tshit, Navy blue PE shorts. A navy-blue tracksuit (a hoodie and bottoms). A pair of plimsoles. A spare pair of socks would also be of benefit. Please ensure the children have a pair of trainers in their PE bag, for outdoor PE.

Home Learning

Homework will be given to the children every Friday. Homework is due to be completed and handed in the following Wednesday. Some children may need encouragement and support to complete their homework at this age. Please ensure that if this is the case, you are encouraging your children, but please, do not do the homework for them.

Spellings will be given out every Friday, they are to be kept at home, reviewed daily and not handed in until the following Friday, to ensure that practise can happen daily.

Reading: Children should be encouraged to read daily and at least once every other day with an adult. Reading for just 10-15 minutes per day will have a huge impact on the children’s fluency

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