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Year 5

Swallows and Amazons & The BFGs

Curriculum for SPRING Term 1

This half term we will be focusing on the epic tale of ‘Beowulf’ retold by Michael Morpurgo.

As Readers

We will be studying the incredible tale of ‘Beowulf’. A story set in fifth-century Denmark, where a murderous monster (Grendel) stalks the night, and only the great prince of the Geats has the strength and courage to defeat him. Alongside this, we will be improving our skills as readers by improving our comprehension skills through our use of prediction, retrieval and inference skills using a range of resources and materials.

Vocabulary focus: Beowulf, Grendel, Denmark, Heorot, warrior, monster, fiend, corpses, piteous, vile, ruthless, lair, enchanted, prediction, retrieve, summarise, infer

As Writers

We will continue to focus on descriptive narrative writing but will also be learning to incorporate speech. Using ‘Beowulf’ as a model to inspire our own compositions, we will be aiming to create narrative which engages the reader with a problem and resolution, whilst also developing aspects of characterisation through what characters say and do. We will be demonstrating our skills in moving forward the action of a story using dialogue and verb phrases. In addition, we will be challenging ourselves by including a wide range of grammatical skills to add variety and interest through varied sentence structures.

Vocabulary focus: dialogue, inverted commas, parenthesis, dashes, commas, fronted adverbials, subordinate clauses, conjunctions and adverbs, expanded noun phrases, expanded verb phrases, figurative language, punctuation, atmosphere,

As Mathematicians

We will be continuing to improve our multiplication and division skills, using the column and short division methods. As well as this, pupils will be revisiting fraction and decimal work, where they will apply their knowledge to solve multi-step worded problems to improve their reasoning skills. In addition, we will be discovering prime and square numbers.

Vocabulary focus: multiply, divide, product, quotient, divisor, dividend, fraction, decimal, place value, prime number, square number, reasoning, using and applying

As Scientists

Children will study biology: Animals including humans. This unit of science focuses on the changes that human beings experience as they develop to old age. Children will learn about the life cycle of a human being. They will investigate the development of babies and compare the gestation period of humans and other animals. They will learn about the changes experienced during puberty and why these occur. The unit will discuss the changes to the body as humans and animals get older.


Lessons will take place once a week on a Thursday. Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit with them on these days and clothing is suitable for colder weather. (Please label all of your child’s clothing to help avoid lost items).


We will be discussing and investigating eSafety. Children will be encouraged to share their experiences of using computers, mobile phones, the internet and social networks. Our focus will be to inform our pupils about using safe internet sites and the importance of not sharing private information.

Home Learning

On Fridays, pupils will be receive focused and targeted homework for spellings, reading, maths, English or other activities related to subjects covered this term. Homework will be handed out on Friday and will be due back in the following Wednesday.

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