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Reading and Writing

Learning to read and write

Reading is the key that unlocks the whole curriculum so the ability to efficiently decode is essential. At Freshwaters Primary Academy, Read, Write, Inc. Phonics and Read, Write, Inc. Freshstart are used in the teaching of reading.

Reading and Writing across the Curriculum

English is taught creatively where appropriate, for example where poetry is being taught during a project on Ancient Greece, the poetry is based on Ancient Greece.


Spelling is taught in class or streamed groups twice per week and then assessed in a third session.  Pupils are asked to write the words they have learnt within a dictated sentence, as well as their own sentences, in order to check their ability to apply their knowledge.

Grammar and Punctuation

The teaching of grammar and punctuation is embedded throughout the teaching of reading, writing and speaking.

There is also discreet teaching of grammar and punctuation two times per week in each class.

Pupils are encouraged on a daily basis, from Reception onwards, to think about the features of a good sentence. Encouraging them to explain that a ‘good’ sentence needs a full stop, finger spaces, capital letter at the beginning etc., will embed this into their writing.

Please click on the document below for more information on Reading and Writing at Freshwaters.

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